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Ameera_Cover_FrontReading this selection in your book club, or planning to? Let’s play “Twenty Questions!” Here are some discussion questions about Ameera Unveiled to get you going…

  1. Which character do you like the most and why? The least and why?
  2. Are there situations and/or characters you can identify with, if so, how?
  3. Did you learn something about belly dancing you didn’t know before?
  4. What major emotion did the story evoke in you as a reader?
  5. What themes or threads did you find in the book? Which resonated with you?
  6. What scene resonated most with you personally in either a positive or negative way? Why?
  7. What surprised you the most about the book?
  8. Has an unrealized childhood desire motivated you to fulfill in adulthood?
  9. Do you think the southern setting (Charleston, SC) affected the storyline and cast of characters?
  10. What is motivating the actions of the main character in the story?
  11. What were the dynamics of “power” between the character of Kat and her teacher, Sybil? How did that play a factor in their interactions?
  12. How does the way Kat sees herself differ from how others see her?
  13. How did the “roles” of the various characters influence their interactions? In example: Student vs. teacher, experienced vs. inexperienced dancers, the diverse backgrounds of each of the tribe members.
  14. Were there any moments where you disagreed with the choices of any of the characters? What would you have done differently?
  15. Do you think Kat’s expanded view on spirituality contradicts previous church dogma?
  16. What past influences are shaping the actions of the characters in the story?
  17. How has Kat’s character changed by the end of the book?
  18. Have any of YOUR views or thoughts changed after reading this book?
  19. Are there any books that you would compare this one to? Why?
  20. What do you think will happen next to the main characters? (PS – Tell us and we’ll tell you if you’re right!)

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One thought on “Book Club Qs

  1. Polly and Kat are my fav characters for personal reasons. Everyone has previous baggage that affects there reactions to things in the present. Kat’s character has become somewhat more confident and feeling supported by her troupe mates by the end of the book. The main characters will remain close and dance in to their old age.

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