Belly dancers on the beach!

Author Kat Varn is a member of the Palmetto Oasis Middle Eastern Dance Troupe. Learn more about the troupe HERE!

2 thoughts on “Palmetto Oasis”

  1. Kat
    I am the Publisher of Publishers Weekly the leading trade publication for booksellers and librarians. We reach over 125,000 industry professionals.
    If you are interested in working with PW for editorial and marketing opportunities please feel free to contact me at or my cell 917 941 1879.

    1. So appreciate the contact Cevin! Marketing (especially at my age) is a tough pill to swallow. I’m the late bloomer story teller that hopes her story reaches a soul that resonates with a character. My muse/mentor, Shari Stauch, had me advertise with y’all last year when Gardenia Duty was released. I still treasure my copies of PW in my writing room! Been encouraged to work on #3 but COVID has frozen my fingers (crazy times but nothing new to this old bird)! Hopefully heading to Bonaire for my birthday and hope to talk Flood of 1953 with an old Dutchman for the chapter in 55 Morton Street!

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