Entrances & Exits

“…..humanity is bound by the shackles of time and aging, it also believes deeply in the sacredness of a life, however imperfect. We are all coming and going on this planet as quickly as the wind. We’ll be gone before we know it… But our lives still matter” — Brett McCracken

2018 has been a year of my own exit and my entrance to a new transition. I left my fifties and began to write of my sixth decade in order to experience more of the splendor of God’s Creation. Each phase of my life has pushed me in and pulled me out of responsibilities and blessed me with joy and laughter.

But, the path is not blazed perfectly clear or with tangible inspiration.

Sometimes, it was what it was. And I had to trust the transition and not the process— in the above picture are the words on the wall that I stare at when I treat myself at a local hair salon, lying back in the shampoo bowl. The phrase invites me to pause…and extract myself from the heaviness of hurts, disappointment or absence of clarity of this next phase of life. A simple act of a lovely cosmetologist massaging the crown of my head and rinsing the soil from life is cleansing.

I am looking back and looking forward. The passing of time blesses me with aging. With age, I realize that I have a scrapbook within the walls of my heart that my soul’s eyes nostalgically visit. I revisit times when relationships with diverse people and personalities were part of the process in my transitions. Childhood, adolescence, marriage, motherhood, career, divorce, dancer, writer, photographer— among so many other little milestones of life’s metamorphic nature.

Some of us fear change but I have tried to not fear the process. I see it sprinkled with serendipity, faith and exhaling for that much needed quiet pause: a sunset, a hawk sitting outside my breakfast room, or a silly fish turning upside down as he poses for my camera on a scuba trip. Yes, even a shampoo at my hair salon. It is collectively part of helping me get through the unavoidable process of aging and leaving my legacy.

Whether it is noticed or not, I will leave a footprint. From the judgment of others, not necessarily a deep or historically impactful one. It will not be a straight pathway but one filled with imperfection. I want to cultivate self-acceptance and patience within my limitations. I hope it is soft and kind and one that is aromatically laced with patchouli…

To you and yours, let’s exit 2018 and anticipate our transitions into 2019 with the joy of new adventures to come… Happy Holidays!

Smooth trunk fish, taken with an Olympus digital camera

16 thoughts on “Entrances & Exits”

  1. Happiest of Holidays to you, Steve and all those you love! Wishing you the best in 2019 and I’m hoping one day we will again dive together…..

    1. Love you Alice! And I do hope to share a giggle over the amazing canvas we capture as willing souls…. sometimes “it was what it was”

    1. What a beautiful hike to find ourselves at the top of the mountain of our own pause and quietly drink in the final horizons…sigh

    1. Sometimes I wonder if I need to check my planetary alignments— lots of transcendent activity seems to be swirling around me. You are a jewel of a person that I love to reflect on us crossing paths. Love you “Millie”

  2. Your words are beautiful Kat! One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned with age is to “pause” and take in the moment- big or small, relevant or seemingly irreverent, happy or sad. Life is a wonderful process.
    Happy holidays to you and your family!

    1. I know you do! It is our collective understanding to link ourselves in this partnership of transitions! Bests y abrazos.

  3. Aloha and a big Mahalo/thanks for this timely salute to our journey this past year. I too have had some changes that were received with mixed feelings but most importantly freedom to seek more positivity in my work life. Lisa Ryan, author of Grategy (gratitude & strategy) also gave me a timely reminder that change needs to be embraced with gratitude allowing me all the possibilities I had not been open to see. Sending much aloha/love for continued positive change on our journey into 2019 – Dahmia

  4. Some lovely thoughts as we head into another year. I can certainly relate since I will turn 60 next year. I agree, we should embrace change while savoring the seemingly small moments each day that can contribute to our inner peace and happiness. As you said, the “much needed quiet pause: a sunset, a hawk sitting outside my breakfast room, or a silly fish turning upside down as he poses for my camera on a scuba trip.” Life unfolds in the present, but often we’re so rushed and distracted that we allow moments to pass by unobserved.

    1. Thanks Julie… between all the things 2020 has thrown at us, this was a very timely validation on taking our life’s path introspectively again. I’ve been inspired to pursue at least one more novel and starting to take advantage of COVID19 to flesh it out… sorry for an unintended pun… I need to get FB to put me back on your other page that always had me chuckling.. we all need a great chuckle as we help each other through. Xoxoxo… Kat

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