Welcome to the web page of Kathleen Varn!

Learning to navigate around a new computer media and want to explore sharing thoughts with other readers and authors. Some are old stories and some will be new. But, I’ll be sitting here smelling like patchouli and wearing cool hippy clothes!

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to the web page of Kathleen Varn!”

  1. Kat,
    You do us all proud. This endeavor is yours and nothing can diminish its importance in the development of your spirit, heart and soul.
    I am anxiously awaiting a copy of your book. It will be worth the trip trip to B&N to which I have not had an urge to travel since my kids have grown.
    I think I can speak for all who can presently label themselves POMEDT. “Yip!!!!!” and Habibi for the great accomplishment and allowing us to be instrumental in your adventure.
    Love you Chica. Aj’bani.

  2. My dear niece, I just read and reread your sketch of Venice looking up some words (ha) and meditating on your vision. The irony of a kind tourist such as yourself being confronted by the brazen local lady was a brilliant metaphor that breathed life into the textured piece, a snapshot of the dilemma of a tourist who sees the reality beneath the beauty of ancient cities. Applause.

    1. Thank you so much. I was so overwhelmed when she did that, I roughed out the essay when we returned to the hotel. My book coach helped me groom it for competing it in Faulkner’s Words and Music competition. I short listed with my first official writing. I am a happy writer!

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