Ameera’s Due Date…

I’d never imagined that enrolling in my first dance class in 2007 would provide the concept for a story line. A tale of a woman’s coming of age… her journey to face forbidden zones. And I’d never dreamed it would be under the platform of belly dancing. Dancing_Cat

Something radical occurred when I was bitten by the Shimmy Bug. The glittery injection infected all my senses. My eyes were drawn to things that had jewels, tassels, fringe, glitter, chain mail and tattoos. My ears perked at anything that resonated of shaking coins, little cymbals, doums and teks on stretched hide drums. My nose followed the aroma of patchouli, incense and henna. My hands wanted to undulate and create new costumes. Would this affect my sense of taste? I found myself asking, Do I really want to spend money on eating out… or new costumes?

If there was a billboard that read “This is Your Brain on Bellydancing,” it might have warned me. Listening to the radio caused my brain to think, I bet that I can choreograph a dance to that Led Zepplin tune! If there was a book on “Belly Dancer Intervention 101” in the Self Help section in Barnes and Noble, I’m not sure I’d have wanted the intervention, but I couldn’t speak for my hubby and friends… Help! I see Sparkly People!

On July 25, 2013, please feel free to peek into my character Ameera’s world. The characters forge and sift through tough choices in relationships—past and present. But even through her angst and success the story is laced with a dose of humor.


8 thoughts on “Ameera’s Due Date…”

    1. Yes, you have been a big voice in my project including the rewriting and editing….. 🙂

    1. That is the message below the surface, girlfriend. Live your passion!!! Don’t be afraid of facing the lines drawn in the sand… they do disappear when you turn your back on the rising tide.

  1. Quite a change from ceramic buttons and boat neck dresses past the knees! Woo hoo! Can’t wait til the launch 🙂

    1. Got all those saved in boxes…. including your little girl stuff. (payback is all good when you are not the mom…. ) Need a sweet feed roomy jumper? Has a cow on it….

  2. Can’t wait!!!….is that Hollywood in the picture in the ninja attack mode?

    1. Nope… it is me beside my dance instructor, silly! Hollywood only does beagles and Chaz….

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