While I was diving in Roatan, I’d check my email for news from home. Unfortunately, one morning I opened my iPad and saw a horrific picture of a dog with her muzzle taped, preventing her from eating, barking or drinking. She was immediately taken to an emergency veterinarian center to be treated; they named her Caitlyn. The situation got global attention. Some may say… it’s just a dog. But it goes deeper…AR-150609329

When Caitlyn was domesticated and as a puppy put under the wing of a human caretaker, she became dependent on that human. She needed to be safe and cared for. A dog owner is the pack leader. Training and care is in the hands of the owner. Instead, Caitlyn was given feet of electrical tape. Something inconvenienced this man and his dog.

A fundraiser for her surgical bills was held at Republic on King Street. Between the cast of Southern Charm and hundreds of locals battling a late afternoon thunderstorm,  I watched a community pull together. Not just for a dog, but against cruelty.

There is a petition to pass a law holding anyone that is caught placing an innocent animal in such a horrific state to face serious consequences. If someone can mistreat or harm an animal, where does it stop? A child or elderly relative dependent on them?

I’m not sure what is mis-wired in individuals that abuse or harm others. It breaks my heart to hear a mother in Walmart insult and ridicule a child. Slaps on the back of the head for being annoying or inconvenient. We hear of neglected or victimized children every day. If the motive of being a parent is anything but being the leader and healthy caretaker, don’t become a parent. Don’t become the owner of a pet that relies on you. Hopefully, Caitlyn’s happy childhood begins now.



5 thoughts on “#IamCaitlyn”

    1. Sometimes it takes a Caitlyn, or an Amber, or an Adam to remind us to guard the innocent more diligently.

  1. sweet Caitlyn. I am glad she is safe and sad she had to experience this but if it’s gonna help save others and gain attention and finally punish the abusers properly, then it was worth it I think, especially since the ending is a happy one.

  2. I’m not a fan of the death penalty… EXCEPT for people who abuse animals or children or old people. Then I say, “hang them.” It’s really the only just punishment, in my mind. What is even more egregious is that there aren’t laws here that prevent abuse such as this. We need to get on board…..

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