What are you peddling?

For the past few weeks, there seems to be an employment surge on the corners of major intersections in my city. By no means do I think it is a new concept. But, this group seems to be as organized as the CEO of a van of kids dropped off to canvas neighborhoods selling magazine subscriptions. I don’t see any signs of homeless veterans, but mostly young adults drinking Dunkin’ Doughnuts coffee and changing shifts with another peer sitting under an overpass.food sign

I guess my beef is that I see “Now Hiring” signs in business windows up and down my suburb’s highways. I was not a privileged young adult that was able to go to college. However, the work ethic that my parents raised me with failed to allow myself to indulge in the idea that I would ever get rich quick. I worked fast food, the Piggly Wiggly deli and eventually into law offices to earn the title of Legal Assistant for a prominent attorney.

Yes, I worked for food. I improved my living conditions at a tortoise pace. Nothing happened overnight or was served from a silver spoon. My children didn’t have every gimmick or name brand fashion.

I can’t imagine that choosing to hold a sign at the side of a highway pays more than minimum wage at a department store or restaurant. I am not judging their choice to participate in a group peddling scam, but I guess it plucks a sour note. As the younger son in the Bible’s Prodical Son story, I tend to resent being the dutiful worker bee. The one that sends a check to the government and doesn’t sit and wait for one. As hard as it is to stop from rolling down my window and share the fruits of my labor, I feel I am enabling slothful mentality. As my friend, Jacqueline Gum, says…. Where’s the Justice? HARD-WORK

5 thoughts on “What are you peddling?”

  1. Bravo Kat! I am with you. Back in my day (I hate saying that) there was a stigma to begging! I would have cleaned a million gas station bathrooms before I begged for money or food. Like you, I was raised to believe that if I was able, I damn well better earn my living!

    1. I pride myself on having been raised to share my blessings, but I don’t see a Great Depression, Great Wars or weather phenomenon suppressing the job market. I worked hard to be where I am and getting tired of the palms of people that can work for food.

    1. There are exceptions to someone’s hardships, but it is becoming too normal of a mentality. Don’t learn a trade or go to school? Don’t bitch about minimum wage and a normal job infringing on lack of discipline.

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