Christmas Traditions

Big Ass Santa GlassWe are in the last ten days of Christmas countdown. I see blogs, Facebook posts and other personalized media expressions of Christmas traditions. But to be politically correct (which I resent having to qualify such a simple term), it is understood that it reaches across the lines of many faiths and traditions. I look back into my own Christmas experiences and recall things that saturated my five decades of Christmas. One of my new adult favorites? Taking my Big Ass Santa wine glass off the top shelf!

My child memories are based in the 60’s and 70’s. Christmas trees ranged from aluminum with the spinning light to various green versions. Home made cookies and ornaments from elementary school were consistent. In spite of the majority of my childhood was Southern, I did vacation with snow and icicles at my grandparents. But, as southern raised grandchildren, we were the skilled paper snowflake arts and crafters. The faces of the adults when we pinned dozens to the ceiling is still burned in my memory. TV cultivated animated Christmas tales that are staples in generations below me. My husband and I obtained ownership of his mother’s beautiful ceramic tree. Another new addition to my Christmas decor.

big ass santa 2But, one of my favorite new traditions, is undusting the Big Ass Santa wine glass and giggling as I imbibe some Chardonnay. My friend, Pattie Welek Hall, had a Christmas drop-in that included a Chinese gift exchange of wine glasses. I made and presented my Redneck wineglasses from Mason jars and Dollar Tree candlesticks. I love a good old Chinese gift exchange. In a nutshell, after I picked my pretty blue swirl wine glass was snagged by a friend’s hubbie…. I got the Big Ass Santa glass. Needless to say, no one tried to steal him. I’m a great lover of puns and believe me, there were plenty as I examined my “prize.” There is definitely a degree of naughtiness that can follow the portion of wine served if you choose to fill Santa to the brim.

However, my memory of that night with friends enjoying nibbles and a gift exchange is still one of the favorites. It was impromptu and who knew I would find such amusement that keeps on giving every December. It may be my private tradition, but sometimes it is little joys that keep our funny bones in tune. Merry Christmas!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions”

  1. Sounds like the greatest of fun in the ancient spirit of giving and celebrating that too often gets forgotten ——thanks for reminding me, Kathleen.

    1. Can’t be jaded from the shallowness of commercialism. Gotta find the glitter in life among the ashes. Glad you’re here, Aunt Pat. See you tonight for chili!

  2. Don’t you just love what a simple item can bring to the memory of a holiday? Mine was “Maggie the Christmas Tree Angel,” an ugly little doll that sat right below the star at the top of the tree. Sadly, when my mom passed away, she gave it to my big bother (grrrrrrrr), but I still remember her and imagine I’m the lucky one to put her up again. Cute story! Merry Christmas!

    1. I also like if we are always open to something that is birthed into our life at any age. I’m sure I would have been very disappointed if I got that glass when I was 8….. Maybe Maggie will leave a note on the tree with a hobo bag and hitch a ride back to you?

    1. If we do Secret Santa and I left him on your porch… you’d kind of know it was me, huh? Merry Christmas, Jacquie.. dirty joke is in the works.

  3. I love that big ass Santa glass… but of course I love the redneck wine glasses you made for me, too… That was a great night and you’re right — there’s no substitute for fun memories with friends and family — those I cherish the most! Merry Christmas, good lady, and Happy New Year!

    1. Takes so much pressure off the whole ordeal….I mean holiday! Yes, that glass made many a pun that night and to this day… Merry Christmas, Shari.

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