Is There a Halo in Your Life?

Let's_All_Go_to_the_LobbyLast Saturday night, my hubbie declared it Movie Date Night. Don’t get me wrong– I love date night– but he isn’t the best movie picker. We like to go to a locally owned and managed theater. A glass of chardonnay and some popcorn is my idea of an adult snack bar. So, at 9:00 a.m., we got on his Ipad and picked St. Vincent starring Bill Murray. I didn’t really understand the synopsis of the movie but I knew wine would make it all better, whichever way it fell.

Bill Murray was a beautiful pick for the part of Vincent. He was cranky and flawed. And he still managed to appear bad ass, with a white cat sitting in his lap. The relationship between him and the young boy next door (Oliver) showed how our paths can cross, with all the baggage and jewels from our trials and tribulations, regardless of age or experience. The director did a great job keeping social commentaries tempered with light humor moments. When Oliver presents his oral project at a Catholic school assembly, he hits the bull’s eye of the movie’s theme. He exposes the halo over Vincent’s heart shielded by the callous exterior.

Why am I writing about this? Well, it is Christmas time! I’m a believer in allowing the experiences from my life’s journey to co-exist. Whether nature or nurture, I believe all roads lead here. Justice and injustice with layers of life underneath create a hard dissection of one factor. In my soul’s experience, there are very few black and white lines. St. Vincent does a beautiful job of showing just that.

After the movie, I was in the restroom checking my make-up from the tears that had escaped. Other women were discussing their own tears and movie impressions. I asked one of them if she was talking about Bill Murray’s movie. She said yes and added, “it was a little dark.”

“I don’t know,” I said, reaching for the restroom door handle. “I think it was a creative way of showing that life is messy.” I left my comment floating in the restroom and walked out to meet my husband.

I am just a human being who passes through your life with my scars, strengths and vulnerabilities. In spite of surviving childhood wounds, unlikely friendships, social barriers and blessings, I won’t be nominated for St. Kat of Chardonnay. But hopefully I’ll leave more refreshment and encouragement than destruction in my wake. And I strive to reach within to find forgiveness to those who may have left behind negativity. After all, it’s made me dig deeper.heart-shape-7970163

Do you have someone whose halo is worn within their heart?


5 thoughts on “Is There a Halo in Your Life?”

  1. Exceptionally insightful post Kat. For me, I look for the less gray areas of life. I like the whole idea of black and white, but know there are so many exceptions. That said, it’ a beautiful observation and a great piece of advice to let the experiences of your life’s journey to coexist. There is peace there, right? Life IS messy. But it doesn’t always mean that we have to be. You’re a great example that…look how much rubble you’ve left behind. That’s your halo!!! Merry Christmas friend! Have a wonderful new year:)

    1. I would love life to be the black and white world I believed in growing up. But, I do find contentment in whatever state I find myself in—- up or down. But, I do enjoy a little mystery too. You’re absolutely right— wisdom allows us to know how to avoid unnecessary snags and tangles. Thank you my friend for not being part of my rubble. Best of the holidays back to you.

  2. I now want to see the movie. I am not prone to tears and find it impossible to even squeeze them out even when I think I could.
    I am still trying to fathom that Bill Murray has my front door somewhere on his Charelston domicile which at some level makes me want to cry. Not sure why.
    It is good to know that movies can still pull emotion from people in these desensitized times.

    1. St. Vincent is like an overlooked inexpensive wine. There may not be an exceptional amount of hype but as you swirl and enjoy, you realize it is overlooked. I’ll be happy to go again and see if you squeeze out that tear!

  3. Thanks! You were there rattling the popcorn bag and I THINK a tear escaped from you too… just saying…..

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